Apr 21


Apr 18

“The flux of life is pouring its aesthetic aspect into your eyes, your ears - and you ignore it because you are looking for your canons of beauty in some sort of frame or glass case or tradition.” —

Mina Loy (via quotesandnonsense)


(via melvillehouse)

(via melvillehouse)

Apr 11

also i’m terrible at tumblr sorry

trickle-down economics

PENGUIN/RANDOM HOUSE: owned by Bertelsmann & Pearson, both run by white dudes

HACHETTE: owned by Hachette Livre, CEO of which is a white dude

MACMILLAN: owned by Georg von Holtzbrinck, run by Georg’s son (spoiler: white dude)

SIMON & SCHUSTER: owned by CBS, CEO of which is a white dude

HARPERCOLLINS: owned by NewsCorp, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch

Apr 08

“When I think of myself as an old person, which is something I have begun to do only recently, I think of myself in a little house in the woods, making jam and shooting mason jars off a fence with a rifle, and making friends with the coyotes who live in the ravine behind my cabin” — http://www.therejectionist.com/2014/04/fuck-off-get-free-we-pour-light-on.html

Mar 15


Mar 13

“I began to be a woman at twelve, or more properly, a genius.” —

Mary Maclane, I Await the Devil’s Coming (via dearwassily)


(via melvillehouse)

(via melvillehouse)

Reading: Complicit by Stephanie Kuehn, Althea & Oliver by Cristina Moracho, Big Bang by Simon Singh

The affective labor of behaving really badly while a terrible dude is talking at a Brooklyn Literary Event: legitimate form of protest or just carrying juvenilia past the point of reason

Mar 10

“Generally I think of depression as a rational response to living in a horrible world. Why the hell wouldn’t we all be depressed—it just seems completely irrational not to be.” — talking writing and depression with Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

“Considerable debate has been devoted to the subject of the Unlikable Female Protagonist, a common pest of the natural world. While it is not our intent here to contribute to the extensive literature on her value as an object of study, we hope that by clarifying and outlining her identifying characteristics we may make a valuable and practical addition to the current research being conducted in the field.” — http://www.stackedbooks.org/2014/03/the-unlikable-female-protagonist-field.html